Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Memories

Sometimes I remember obscure things that happened or that I did a long time ago. There's usually no reason for me to remember it, but it will just pop into my head. For instance, what inspired this post was me randomly remembering how several years ago I would play Neopets (y'all remember those?) and listen to Number One Gun.
Other random memories:
  • Sitting in the car and competing with my brother about who could remember more holidays. We would each take turns and whoever couldn't come up with one lost.
  • My fifth birthday cake was circle shaped and had pink icing. 
  • Trying to slide down the stairs at my cousins' house. They had this big board that we would put over the stairs and then we'd pull cushions from the couch and slide down. 
  • Pookaloknock (spelling is debatable). If you know this, you get 4 points for being awesome. 
I'd post more, but I feel like it's cheating to make myself remember random things. Anyway.
What are some of your random memories?


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  1. I contacted the creator, and it's spelled: Pookalocnock.