Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dude! Intro.

Hello, folks.
You may or may not be familiar with my other blog, Cardigans and Old Watches. If you are, you probably already know what I'm about to say. If not, this is for you.

I previously had one blog. It was starting to irk me because it was getting very cluttered and scattered. I wasn't posting very much because I didn't have time to do anything very indepth. Most of my recent posts consisted of pictures found online. I decided it was high time to revamp my blog and find some focus - only I didn't want to cut anything out. So I decided that I would have two blogs - one would focus more on art, photography, music, and my soon to be Etsy shop. The other would focus on my personal life, rantings and ravings, personal interests (most likely in the form of book reviews), and shared recipes as I learn to cook using as little sodium as possible (read: this post).
This is that blog. As you can see, it hasn't gotten very far yet, but it will soon, I promise. I enjoy blogging way too much to let this little guy sit empty for too long.

I hope you enjoy!

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