Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Low Sodium: Take One

Garlic and Herb Bread.

Yesterday (or maybe two days ago) I made low sodium garlic and herb bread from this site. It was interesting. The recipe says to use a bread machine, which we don't have, so I just mixed the ingredients in a bowl, minus the water and yeast. When I mixed everything else, I put the yeast in lukewarm water to make sure it was active. What I learned: yeast is super creepy. I don't like moving food. When I took a spoon of it out of the jar, it starting grabbing for the sides. Not cool. Anyway, I let the yeast sit in the water for a couple minutes then stirred it in to the rest of the mix. Then I set it on the pan to let it rise. That took a while. It was insanely sticky.
Then I baked it.
Then we ate it.
It baked great and the texture was fantastic, but overall I'd only say it was okay. It was sweet, which I wasn't expecting. I wanted it to have something spicy, like a pepper of some sort, that way there would be the delightful mix of sweet and spicey. I'm sure it was okay, but it's hard to judge because I was expecting something so different.


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