Sunday, May 22, 2011

Low Sodium: Take Two

"Pork chops and apple sauce!"

For dinner tonight I made honey grilled pork chops - with my dad's help (I can't work the grill). Really, the most eventful part of this cooking venture was trying to calculate the sodium content. The whole meal included: approximately 7.5 ounces of pork chops, some frozen vegetables from Birds Eye, sweet potatoes, and a tiny bit of applesauce. Approximate sodium content: 163 mg. for pork chops (note: we edited the recipe a tiny bit), 30 mg. for the veggies, unknown for the sweet potatoes and applesauce (I tried looking online for sodium amounts in sweet potatoes but I found incredibly varied answers).


P.S. Three cool points to whoever can guess where the beginning quote is from!

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