Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Food Blogs

Since lately I haven't been very good at posting...ever....I decided I should share some of my favorite food blogs with you! Half of my recipes come from them. The other half comes from my cravings and google searches. For instance, one time I decided that I wanted to have raspberry chicken for dinner, so I searched and found *this* amazing recipe, along with several others that I have not yet tried.

First on the list: Pioneer Woman.
This lady is incredible. She does everything - writes books, blogs, homeschools four kids, has a television show...You get the picture. Her recipes generally include wonderful things like heavy cream and copious amounts of butter. She cooks for a cowboy, so her meals are generally very thick, rich, and filling. However, she also has "chick food" on there - some of her favorite meals, many of them from her vegetarian days.

Next: Food Coma Blog.
This blog is run by Emma Flannigan, sister of Elsie Larson. On her blog, she reviews recent reads and shares recipes she's made up or found elsewhere. She's pretty honest about how things turn out, and definitely goofy. I think she's pretty funny and adorable, so I like to read her corny jokes. Her recipe box is also very neatly organized, so you can look at the pictures to find what recipe you want. At least, I think it's easier to look at the pictures for exactly what I'm thinking of than trying to dig through the ingredients or title of each recipe.

Lastly, Smitten Kitchen.
I. Like. This. Chick. She's funny. Now, I don't use her recipes very often because I don't always have the required ingredients. I almost always want to make them, though. Her photography is beautiful. This is the recipe I'm attempting today:
Glorified tomato soup. I mean, who doesn't find tomato soup comforting? And with all the grey, gloomy days we've had of late, it's the perfect time for comfort food. Her version of tomato soup requires fresh tomatoes and hot peppers. Fantastic. Anyway. Smitten Kitchen is fantastic because the recipes sound and look amazing, she takes pictures of everything, makes you laugh, and clearly explains the steps to the recipe.

So there you have it - my three favorite food blogs. If I remember any more, I'll be sure to share them with you later. I hope you enjoy them!

Peace out,

Pecan Pie [Tarts]

Boy, do I owe y'all some posts.

Last night I made pecan pie tart type deals. I randomly decided that I desperately wanted pecan pie tarts, so I made them. That's generally how I come upon all of my recipes.
[Note: If I already have random cravings for foods, I'm going to be very fun someday when I'm pregnant...]

I used this recipe for the crust - I wanted something spiced and flavorful, rather than just plain white crust. Instead of using a whole cinnamon stick or nutmeg...thing...I used about two teaspoons of cinnamon and one teaspoon of nutmeg. Let me tell you, the crust is amazing. Use it for all of your pies!

I used this recipe for the filling. Of course, when it said 1 3/4 cups of chopped pecans, I grabbed 3/4 cup of chopped pecans...and tossed them in a chopper and ground them finely. Why? Because my brain is like a flickering lightbulb - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. After grinding them into a fine powder, I looked at it and said, I'm not supposed to be doing this. So then I continued making the filling, this time using 1 3/4 cups chopped pecans. I ended up tossing in the finely chopped pecans, too, because what else was I going to use them for? I figured it would just add extra flavor, anyway.

Because I wanted tiny pies, I put the crust in cupcake pans. I sprayed them with some sort of Pam substitute to keep them from sticking, but that didn't work to well. Instead, they stuck and I had to kind of dig them out. They were fudgy and crumbly, but delicious. I had one for brunch this morning.

The recipe was fairly easy. Your assignment: Go make them now! You'll thank me.

Bon apetit!