Saturday, June 25, 2011

Low Sodium: Take Seven

Welcome back to Made Up Recipes with Scout! Today's meal: Lemon parmesan chicken, fried/steamed veggies, and buttered noodles.

Lemon Parmesan Chicken ingredients:
Almost every time I make chicken, I use boneless skinless chicken breasts, so when I put "chicken" in the ingredients list, that's probably the kind I mean.
Chopped onions
Olive oil
Lemon juice
Fresh thyme

Place chopped onions, olive oil, and garlic in a pan. Place chicken in next, pouring lemon juice on top of each piece. Toss in pepper and chopped thyme. Cover the pan and let the chicken steam. This will allow the chicken to absorb the flavors and the onions to sautee. When chicken is thoroughly cooked, take off the lid to let the moisture out and allow the chicken to brown. When the chicken is browned to your liking, place it on (or in) a serving dish and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. You'll want to be fast with this so it will get a little gooey. You could sprinkle the parmesan on the chicken before you place it in (on) the serving dish, but that might make for particularly unpleasant cleanup.

 The next thing I made was fried/steamed veggies. I cut up bell peppers, onions, and squash, and placed them in a pan with olive oil, garlic, and pepper. I covered it and let it cook on low to help soften the squash. Then, when I got impatient, I turned up the heat so it would go faster and also brown the veggies some.

I served the meal with buttered noodles. Everything else was very flavorful and I thought a simple side would go nicely with the rest. The only sodium in the meal came from the parmesan. I used half a cup for our dinner and it was more than enough (for 3 chicken breasts), but my family usually likes extra flavor, so it worked for us. The total sodium for all of the chicken I made was 900 something, making each serving only 240 mg.
Note: If you are using a low sodium diet, remember that there is sodium in meat, as well. Check the packaging to make sure you aren't getting something that was soaked in salt.

Peace out!

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