Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cold Weather Food!

It's official. I love soup. But not just any soup - I'm very particular. I like hearty, vegetable soups. I realized that it's very seldom that I like a soup with meat in it (Oh...does chili count as a soup?). My most recent favorite soup? Butternut squash soup. Specifically, butternut squash soup with apples. I saw a recipe for it in a magazine once and was inspired to check it out. It's very easy - always a good thing in the cooking world.

I used this recipe.
Some pointers:
First, start out by peeling and cutting up your squash, because that might take a while. Then cut up the onions, start them cooking, and move to the apples.
Second, I used chicken broth instead of water to give the soup a more full flavor. I imagine vegetable broth would also work well, but we didn't have any.
Last, don't be afraid to throw in some extras - I used fresh thyme and some cayenne pepper. I really like the cayenne because it adds a bite to the soup, which is more on the sweet side of things. I'm a fan of opposite flavors.

Good luck!

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